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Skydive Dubai to Break the Record by Landing the World’s Smallest Parachute
Extreme Canopy Flight (XCF) is Skydive Dubai’s vision of making skydiving history by setting new limits for human flight by breaking the Guinness World Record for the smallest parachute jump. With the support of Emirates Aero Sports Federation and Skydive Dubai, Project XCF’s training and record attempts are going to take place at Skydive Dubai the Palm Dropzone in Dubai on Saturday 5th April from 3 – 7pm. The record breaking attempt is going to be performed by extreme athlete Ernesto Gainza, a test pilot for NZ Aerosports and Icarus canopies and professional stunt man with more than seven thousand skydives. The project will be documented from inception to successful completion. XCF jumps are all performed under highly experimental conditions and using specially designed prototype equipment. Currently expert skydivers use parachutes that range in size from 80-200 square feet and over the last decade the development of high-performance canopy sizes have averaged between 70-90 square feet. Ernesto aims to land a parachute of 35 square feet, less than half the size of the smallest parachutes currently being jumped. With the significant reduction in size the opening, flight and landing characteristics change dramatically resulting in a spinning malfunction which could cause an almost instantaneous loss of consciousness, as such Ernesto needs to have the right mental and physical preparation to be able to react decisively to any situation. Across the global skydiving community, a very small percentage of competitive canopy pilots have the skill to fly these canopies successfully. Ernesto Gainza stated, “Project XCF is the product of a man’s dream to fly and land the world’s smallest parachute. Regardless of the size of the challenge, a dream will always be a dream if there is no determination to make it reality.” The current unofficial record for the smallest parachute landed is held by Luigi Cani who jumped a 37 square foot canopy on January 1st 2008. Luigi was the inspiration for this project. Skydive Dubai provides a platform to fulfill dreams. In addition to granting Ernesto’s dream of breaking the world record of XCF jumps, Skydive Dubai will also be granting the wishes of three kids with incurable diseases through their collaboration with The Make-A-Wish Foundation® United Arab Emirates, an international non-profit organization with 38 active offices dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. The event on Saturday 5th April is open to all who wish to come and see history being made. The day will be filled with a lot of entertainments for all ages.
Win A Tandem Skydive From Skydive Dubai
Are you headed to the Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2014 today & tomorrow? If so, you could be one of two lucky winners to enter to win a tandem skydive from Skydive Dubai! How to enter the free tandem skydive contest? Find our booth at the Abu Dhabi Air Expo and drop your business card into the bowl today or tomorrow. 1 winner will be chosen at random today and also on Thursday. (more…)
Tracking Skills Camp – Saturday 15th February
We will be offering a tracking skills camp, Saturday, 15th February, by our Flight School at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus. Briefing: Basic requirements: 100 jumps, audible altimeter mandatory. 3 load organisers - 3 groups - 3 skill levels The event is limited to 18 participants only. Minimum commitment of 5 jumps - we will collect 5 tickets from each participant at the beginning of the day. Registration is only possible via the Flight School email at There is NO registration fee. However, a 'no show' will result in you being blocked from the next event. If you have further questions about participating, please contact the Flight School directly at — Other resources for fun jumpers: - Location map to Skydive Dubai Desert Campus: - Information on our website for our experienced skydivers:
Fun jumping resumes Monday at the Palm DZ
Fun jumping at our Palm DZ will start again this coming Monday. Thank you to all the fun jumpers (experienced & licensed skydivers) who have waited patiently until the drop zone was ready for you again. For those fun jumpers who are visiting the Palm DZ for the first time, please go to this prior post which is a message from our Palm DZ operations team to visiting fun jumpers: Also, Skydive Dubai drop zones are open and jumping during their normal operating hours with the end of the 4th DIPC 2013. Palm DZ operates Monday through Saturday and Desert DZ operates Tuesday through Sunday. Both drop zones will be closed on December 25th and January 1st so that our staff can be with their families. Don't forget that the Dubai Winter Festival at the Palm DZ begins on December 27th and we have the first Dubai International Swoop League competition on December 29th at the Desert DZ.
New Waiver at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus
Operations message from Skydive Dubai Desert Campus: We are asking everyone to fill out a new waiver so please bring the following with you to the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus: logbook, license, membership, reserve pack data card in date. Thank you!
Dubai International Parachuting Championship Updates
Looking for real time updates about the Dubai International Parachuting Championships? Please visit their website,, which has links to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts where updates about the competition are being published. There is free admission to the competition from 7:30am until 5:30pm everyday until the Dec. 10th. Also our Swoop Shop, where you can purchase official Skydive Dubai gear, will be open to the public. Skydive Dubai Desert Campus will continue to operate it's normal hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 8am until 3pm. The public is welcome to visit the Desert Drop Zone anytime when it is operating.
Dubai International Swoop League, First Competition December 29
Skydive Dubai Desert Campus and the Emirates Aerosports Federation (EAF), are proud to announce the creation of The Dubai International Swoop League (DISL) for this season 2013 / 2014; which will take place at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus. This season’s DISL will be 5 competitions total, with massive cash prizes on offer to all categories at each event! Competition Dates: 1-29th December 2013 2 -26th January 2014 3 -23rd February 2014 4-30th March 2014 5-27th April 2014 This will be a great way to practice your skills, and a great way to learn and improve your canopy piloting skills with the help of our Skydive Dubai Canopy Piloting Team. Anyone with a B license can participate, and each competition will have a guest PRO for helpful suggestions and tips! Each competition will be 6 jumps total: 2 Distance – 2 Speed - 2 Accuracy For the Beginners, it will be 6 jumps of Sport Accuracy, which can be modified per jump to challenge the participant’s skills. Prizes & Registration There will be an AED 350 registration fee, which will be due prior to the competition. Jump prices AED 50 any participant registered for the competition can enjoy this price for up to 5 days prior to the event for practice. PRO 1st place $2500.00 USD 2nd place $2000.00 USD 3rd Place $1500.00 USD Intermediate 1st place $2500.00 USD 2nd place $2000.00 USD 3rd Place $1500.00 USD Beginner 1st place $2500.00 USD 2nd place $2000.00 USD 3rd Place $1500.00 USD All current FAI/IPC rules will be applied to each discipline: • Intermediate All competitors will be required to pass through 10-foot entry gates for each discipline Distance • Participants will enter through 10-foot entry gates, No water drag necessary, • Competitors must stay below 1.5-meter exit gate at 50 meters Carving Speed • Participants will enter through 10-foot entry gates, competitors must stay below 1.5 meter exit gate at 70 meters to accumulate speed time. Accuracy • Participants will enter through 10-foot entry gates, dragging at least one water gate are required- then allowing the participant to score on land in the designated zones. If the participant has entered under the 10-foot entry gate and no water gate is scored, the score will be a default score of 3 points. All water and land scoring will be judged according the current FAI/IPC rules. Beginner All participants will be required to land on or close to a designated target, first point of contact will be counted, stand up landings will also affect the scores. For every designated target there will be a center zone that will result in a 0 or center target, the further you land away from the target the higher the score is. 0 being the best score possible for each round, this will be accumulated over the 6 rounds, lowest score wins! Safety will always be a major concern with all of us at Skydive Dubai, we only want to encourage a safe learning environment for everyone to enjoy. We will be giving warnings to any unsafe participants and can/will ask any participant flying beyond there limits to not continue in the competition with no refund to the participant. Our league wind limits will be set a followed accordingly; any conditions that are deemed unsafe to participants will result in a standby or cancellation of the competition. One round of each discipline can decide a competition. Wind Limitations PRO - 7 MPS/Meters per second Intermediate - 5 MPS Beginners - 5 MPS We can’t wait to see you! Register now here: Mobile devices only please go here:
Palm DZ Now Closed to Fun Jumpers
This is an important notice from Palm DZ Operations to our fun jumping community: The Palm DZ is now closed to fun jumpers for the construction of the DIPC arena. Tandem only operation until further notice.
2nd Dubai Winter Festival
By combining world-class skydivers and fast turbine fleet aircraft, added to that the most amazing breath taking view of The Palm Island and Dubai, Skydive Dubai is hosting The 2nd Dubai Winter Festival, from the 27th of December 2013 to 5th of January 2014 We are proud to feature our special guests: Marco Tiezzi, Anna Howerski, and Kristian Moxnes. Daily Load Organizing & Coaching: Freefly: MKTM, Dubai Nexus Wingsuit: Noah Bahnson, Mike Swanson, Julian Boulle and Greg Shelton. RW: Craig Girard, Eliana Rodriguez and Team Assar. Put Your Plan Into Action: multiple activities will be sent to your registered email address to plan your stay here in Dubai. BOOK YOUR BOOGIE by clicking here.



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April 26, 2014

DISL Competition

5th DISL competition takes place at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus.

Anyone with a B license can participate in the beginners, intermediate or pro category for their chance to win thousands in prize money.

The event starts at 7am and goes until sunset.

The public is welcome to attend.

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