Learn how to skydive solo this summer

Опубликовано: 14 Aug 2020

Article Updated: August 19, 2020. 

Did you ever want to learn how to skydive on your own? Well, the first step is to sign up for the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course at our Desert Dropzone.

We are thrilled to announce that our Desert location is now accepting new admissions for the course.

It all kicks off with the theoretical part of the course, aka Ground School, which covers topics like equipment, safety procedures, canopy deployment and control, and the all-important landing, to name a few. Once students clear this they will move on to the skydiving part of the course which comprises eight levels/skydives. Each level consists of a fixed set of maneuvers that the students will need to perform during the skydive before they can move on to the next one. For the first three levels, the student will be accompanied by two instructors. For the remaining levels, the student will have just one instructor by their side.  

Once they have successfully completed all seven levels the AFF graduates will be ready to perform their first solo skydive. 

The next theory class or Ground School will take place on Saturday, September 5 from 9 am.

To learn more about the AFF course offered at Skydive Dubai, click here.

To sign up for the AFF course, please write to and our staff will guide you on the next steps. 

Blue skies!