Skydive Dubai celebrates the UAE's 50th National Day

Published on: 02 Dec 2021

Skydive Dubai took its celebrations to commemorate the United Arab Emirates’ 50th National Day to new heights. Inspired by the recently held Dubai Airshow, the aim was to pay tribute to the nation with a one-of-a-kind aerial display, that included a skydiving twist.  

Fifty years called for something big. Something that represented the progress, diversity, and unity of the nation. The team pulled out all the stops for the 90-minute show that featured different types of aircraft and highlighted some of Skydive Dubai’s most skilled athletes.  

A thermal airship, fitted with a banner to mark the occasion, ascended to 1,500 ft above Skydive Dubai’s Palm Dropzone and positioned itself as the centerpiece. A trail of smoke canisters was then lowered from the base of the airship, almost as if to signal it was go-time.  

A group of base jumpers kicked things off as they swung out and off the airship with an attached rope. Next, was the turn of a trio of wingsuiters who blazed past the airship in formation. They were soon followed by canopy pilots and swoopers, whose quick turns and tricks were a sight to see. All the jumpers carried canisters of colorful smoke for a little added flair.  

A lone skydiver, the last to leave the plane, then unfurled a UAE flag, measuring 6m by 10m, and sailed alongside the airship, before touching down with the rest of the crew.   

The final act of the show featured a Twin Otter and a Gyrocopter. A moment for the two aircraft that had played supporting roles to come front and center. Each one descended and performed an impressive fly-by past the balloon.  

The entire display was filmed by a single cameraperson positioned in a two-seater Gyrocopter.  The project required clockwork coordination to make sure no moment was missed.  

The display was a representation of what the UAE stands for - pushing boundaries, opportunity, and harmony. Here’s to the next 50 years!  

Click here to watch the video.