Selfie-view footage now available for tandems

Published on: 01 Oct 2022

Updated: November 12, 2022.

You can now get a new, close-up perspective of your tandem added to your skydiving video. The ‘selfie-view’ footage will be captured by your tandem instructor, who will wear a wrist-mounted camera during your skydive. With this extra camera view you will be able to relive those joyful, tranquil moments as you slowly descend back to our dropzone under the open parachute.

The extra footage will be incorporated into the standard edited video you receive as part of our regular tandem package. Those who purchase the extra Instagram edit video will also get this view added to their 1-minute video.

This add-on video is available to purchase for an extra cost of AED 250 for tandems booked at both our locations - Desert and Palm dropzones.

You can add this option at the check-out step when you book your skydive through our website. Make sure to select the ‘selfie-view’ item before you proceed to the payment step.

Imp: Our tandem instructors are trained and experienced in wearing wrist-mounted cameras during skydives. For safety reasons, customers will not be allowed to wear any camera or recording device during their skydive.

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