#SDChallenge your friend to a tandem skydive at our Palm DZ location

Published on: 24 Oct 2018

We are excited to announce the #SDChallenge at Skydive Dubai’s Palm DZ.

After you complete a tandem skydive at our Palm DZ, you get to nominate a friend to complete a tandem skydive of their own at our premium dropzone. And, you get a free cap for your efforts.

How does it work?

Collect the #SDChallenge voucher from our gear store after you complete your tandem skydive. You will then need to

  • Follow @SkydiveDubai on Instagram or Facebook (if you haven’t already)
  •  Post a video of you challenging your friend to complete a tandem skydive at our Palm DZ, on your Instagram or Facebook account
  • Tag Skydive Dubai and your friend in your post
  •  Use #SDChallenge and #SkydiveDubai in your post
  • Show the published post to our staff at the gear store

What’s in it for you?

You get a free official Skydive Dubai cap after you post the video.

What’s in it for them?

Instead of paying the usual price of AED 2,199, they will pay AED 1,999 only, thanks to the #SDChallenge voucher. (Plus, bragging rights, of course.) The voucher is valid until December 2019. They, in turn, can nominate more friends to take part.

It’s that simple.

You can learn more about the tandem experience here, and then proceed to book your adventure with us!

Terms & conditions

  • The person must complete a tandem skydive at our Palm DZ to receive the #SDChallenge voucher.
  • The person must follow @SkydiveDubai on Instagram and Facebook.
  • The person must post the #SDChallenge video on their Instagram or Facebook account.
  • The person must tag Skydive Dubai and their friend in the post.
  • The person must use #SDChallenge and #SkydiveDubai in the post.
  • The voucher cannot be sold or redeemed for cash.
  • The cap cannot be exchanged for other merchandise, sold or redeemed for cash.
  • To receive an official Skydive Dubai cap, the person must complete the task listed above.
  • The offer is valid until December 31, 2019.
  • Terms & conditions apply.