Ramadan guidelines when visiting Skydive Dubai

Published on: 01 May 2019

Ramadan is a special time of the year in the UAE.

And while our desert dropzone will be closed for its summer break, our Palm dropzone will remain open.

Given the significance of Ramadan, we request those visiting skydive Dubai during this time to observe our guidelines below to avoid any inconvenience to you or those around.

When to book a skydive?

If you are fasting and would like to book a tandem skydive we suggest booking one of the earlier slots in the day.

Refrain from eating and drinking in public

Please do not eat, drink or smoke in public places during fasting hours. The café at our location will be open and will be cordoned off from the main hangar. If you are not fasting, you may visit for a quick bite and some refreshments.

Dress conservatively

We ask that you observe a conservative dress code when visiting our location. It is recommended to wear comfortable sportswear and avoid clothing that is sheer, too short, low-cut or tight-fighting. You are also advised to cover your shoulders and knees out of respect to those observing Ramadan. You may use our onsite facilities to change into your sports clothes for your skydive.

Prayer room onsite

Our Palm dropzone has a public prayer room located outside the main hangar.

Hold back on PDA

Public display of affection is considered indecent, and even more so during Ramadan. This includes holding hands and hugging.

Hours of operation at skydive Dubai’s Palm dropzone during Ramadan:


Open 7 days a week.
First available check-in slot at 10 am.
First plane load at 11 am.


Open 7 days a week.
First available check-in slot at 8 am.
First plane load at 9 am.

We appreciate your support and cooperation during this special time of year and look forward to skydiving with you.