Get Rated (course/ratings schedule)

Published on: 11 Mar 2020

Looking to take your love for skydiving to the next level? Want to add some cool skills to your skydiving bag of tricks? Here’s the latest schedule of upcoming courses you could sign up for at our Desert Dropzone and become the skydiver you are meant to be.

  1. B License Canopy Course

The course comprises of five low altitude jumps, all done in one day. If, due to weather conditions, you are unable to perform all the required jumps please contact our staff so they can book you on any of the following courses, subject to availability. 

Next course dates:

  • March 13
  • March 27
  • April 10
  • April 24

The minimum requirements for the course are:

  • You must have a USPA A license
  • You must be current (if you are not sure about your last skydive, let our staff know your total number of jumps and the date of the last jump as per your logbook)

Price list:

  • 1,000 AED – course fee (no jump tickets or gear rental included)
  • 100 AED – one low-altitude jump (covers one slot in the plane)
  • 75 AED – rig rental per jump (if applicable)
  • 35 AED – one packing ticket (if applicable) 

To reserve your spot, please click here to submit your request. Once received, our staff will get back to you with confirmation of your booking. 


2. Coach Course

Next course date:

  • April 17 to 19 (3 days)

The minimum requirements for the course are:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must hold a valid USPA membership
  • You must hold a USPA B-license
  • You must have a minimum of 100 jumps
  • You must hold a current IRM (Instructional Rating Manual) and SIM (Skydiver’s Information Manual). Current means not older than 24 months. Free pdf files are available on USPA's website.
  • You must have all the prerequisites signed off in the proficiency card before starting the course. The proficiency card can be found at the back of the IRM.

Number 2 on the proficiency card - assisting in a first-jump class (ground school) -  is a prerequisite and needs to be signed off before coming to the course.

The Proficiency card serves as your rating application form after you are done with the course. All other numbers will get signed off during the course.

USPA requires all candidates to complete the written test at home and bring the answers to the course. You can find the questions in the back of the IRM.

Requirements to pass the course:

  • Perform at least two satisfactory evaluation jumps, including freefall training;
  • Successfully conducted two training sessions from the topics listed in the Coach Rating Course Evaluation outline.
  • Teach the 5 group freefall skill sections from the Coach Proficiency Card
  • Score at least 80% on the IRM Coach Exam (the exam needs to be done before the course and is open-book)
  • Satisfactory student equipment checks
  • Satisfactory debrief of the jumps

Please click here to fill and submit your registration form. Once received, our staff will get back to you with confirmation of your slot You will need to pay the course fee no later than one week before the course. The payment can only be done directly at the dropzone.