DXBoogie 2.0 Registrations Open

Published on: 01 Oct 2019

Now call for our community of fun jumpers! Registration for DXBoogie 2.0 is now open!

If you plan on taking part (don’t know why you wouldn’t) follow this link to fill out the registration form. Once submitted, you should hear from our staff within 48 hours of your email guiding you on the next steps. We request that you be as accurate as possible with the information you provide as this will help us organize the groups and loads.

Here’s a quick recap of the important points….

  • The event will take place at our Desert Dropzone from November 29 to December 3, 2019.
  • The registration fee for the five-day event is AED 1,200. As a confirmed participant, you will need to purchase jump tickets which are priced at AED 110 each.
  • To participate, you must…
    • Have a valid license
    • Have a minimum of 200 logged skydives
    • Be current
  • If operations are canceled for three or more days due to bad weather or other unpredictable circumstances, you will be eligible for a refund of AED 600, in addition to the cost of any unused DXBoogie jump tickets. 

We’re also happy to confirm the load organizers for the event…

…. drum rolls, please….

  • Abdulbari Qubaisi
  • Darren Burke  
  • Iurii Railean  
  • Jim Harris   
  • Junior (David Ludvick)
  • Laszlo Ciszmadia 
  • Mason Holden
  • Matt Munting  
  • Mishka (Anamaria Lucaci)
  • Pablo Rua
  • Rob Jones   
  • Shunkka (Cristian Ardelean)
  • Simon Whittle

Should you require any further information, please contact us via email at with DXBoogie as the subject.

We look forward to boogie-ing with you!