6th Dubai International Parachuting Championship (Bulletin Edition August 20, 2021)

Published on: 23 Aug 2021

6th Dubai International Parachuting Championship 2021 (6th DIPC 2021)

Dubai International Tunnel Championship (DITC) December 07/08 – 18, 2021

For the following disciplines:
Accuracy Landing Male, Female & Juniors, 
Formation Skydiving 4-way Open, 4-way Female, Formation Skydiving 8-way,
Vertical Formation Skydiving 4-way, 
Canopy Piloting Speed, Distance, Accuracy & Freestyle
Indoor Skydiving 

Organized by the Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF) & Skydive Dubai

BULLETIN No. 1 (Edition August 20, 2021)

1.Venue: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE):
Dubai is one of the seven Emirates and the most populous state of the United Arab Emirates. It is located along the southern coast of the Arabian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. This venue offers plenty of hotels, shops and beaches.

The Championship Competition site is located at Skydive Dubai Center near the “Palm Jumeirah” at the Beach and at the Marina area for the 6th DIPC and at Murgham, Inflight Dubai – Dubai, Al Ain Road (E66), for the DITC.

2.Disciplines (and a maximum number of participants per NAC):
Accuracy Landing: 
2 Male National Teams (maximum 10 competitors)
1 Female National Team (maximum 5 competitors)
2 Individual Junior Competitors female or male


  1. Junior competitors who are part of their national male or female AL team will be ranked in the team and their individual team result will also count either in the relevant junior classification OR in the male/female individual ranking, if declared before the start of the event.

  2. The individuals need to be registered by their respective NAC’s (within the maximum number above) and the so-called mixed (international) individual teams will be formed to groups of 5 by the Meet Director and start in the individual ranking accordingly (no separate registration of international teams outside the NAC).

  3. The prerequisite for the second team Accuracy Landing (AL) male is that only one of the two teams can be ranked for first, second & third place, provided that the result of two teams of one nation results in a placement of 1 to 3. If this happens, the team with the worse result will appear outside the overall ranking.

Formation Skydiving with the following Events:
1 Team 4-way Open (maximum 6 competitors, including videographer)
1 Team 4-way Female (maximum 6 competitors, including videographer)
1 Team 8-way (maximum 10 competitors, including videographer)
1 Team 4-way Vertical Formation Skydiving (maximum 6 competitors, including videographer)

Canopy Piloting with the following Events:
Accuracy, Drag-Distance, Carved Speed (left-hand carve)
Freestyle (maximum 4 competitors per NAC)

Number of Competition Jumps: According to the ISC Competition Rules, edition 2021.

Indoor Skydiving with the following Events:
FS 2-way
VFS 2-way (Head up only)
VFS 4-way
2-way Dynamic (Head up only)

FS 4-way (also combined out-/indoor)
FS 8-way (also combined out-/indoor)
VFS 2-way
VFS 4-way (also combined out-/indoor)
2-way Dynamic
Solo Free Style

Remark: Minimum number of participants for Intermediate and Advanced, participating only in Indoor Skydiving, 5 teams for each category. In the combined events out- and indoor (FS 4-way, VFS 4-way, FS 8-way) no limitation.

Personal Requirements: For personal requirements including FAI Sporting Licence see Sporting Code, Section 5, 1.2.
UAE National regulations do not require that a protective helmet must be worn. Where other regulations or competition rules do not require helmets, it is recommended to use protective headwear while skydiving. UAE National regulations do not require that life-saving equipment must be worn in the vicinity of water while skydiving. It is recommended that flotation devices be worn (especially in cases where the inability to swim or stay afloat otherwise is apparent).

An AAD is mandatory for Formation Skydiving and Accuracy Landing, while it is not required for Canopy Piloting for safety reasons (fast spiral spins).

For the Canopy Piloting Competitors, a quick-release system (cutaway) for additional weight (lead belt) is required (see CP CR 5.3.5).

The airworthiness of parachuting equipment used is the responsibility of the competitor and registration will be taken as a declaration by the Delegation and competitor that the parachuting equipment to be used is certified as being airworthy by competent authorities (see Sporting Code, Section 5, 5.1.1 (1). The Organizer has no responsibility in this regard; the responsibility rests fully with the Delegation and competitor. 


  • To determine champions for the 6th Dubai International Parachuting Championship in the described disciplines/events.
  • To establish new World, Continental and National Records.
  • To promote safety and develop parachuting training and competition.
  • To exchange ideas and strengthen friendly relations between sport parachutists, judges, and support personnel all over the world.
  • To allow participants to share and exchange experience, knowledge, and information.

Medals and Trophies will be awarded in all disciplines/events for the first three placing according to the Competition Rules.
For the teams, participating in both "outdoor" and "indoor" Skydiving (FS 4-Way, VFS 4 Way, FS 8-way), a combined classification "outdoor" and "indoor" is intended.
It is also intended to have an additional classification (Gulf Cup) for the participants of the Gulf States (Gulf Cooperation Council - GCC).


6.Schedule 6th DIPC:
07th/08th December 2021 (Tuesday/Wednesday): Arrival of Delegations (optional on 07th or 08th December), registration, and training/practice jumps.
08th December 2021 (Wednesday): Judges Conference commences.
09th December 2021 (Thursday): Continuation of the training and practice jumps if necessary. Competition Jumps will commence, official Opening.

A Technical Meeting to be attended by Heads of Delegations, Team Managers and Judges will be held at a time and location to be advised.
For the Formation Skydiving Teams (outdoor), which also want to participate in Indoor Skydiving, the execution of the indoor events are planned at the beginning of 6th DIPC, starting on December 09th/10th, 2021.

10th - 17th December 2021 (Friday - Friday): Competition each day. Competition ceases on 17th December 2021 not later than 15:00h (last take-off). Thereafter the Award Presentation, Closing Ceremony, and Farewell Dinner will take place.
18th December 2021 (Saturday): Departure of Delegations.

7. Schedule DITC, without combined indoor/outdoor:

14th December 2021 (Tuesday) Arrival of Participants
15th December 2021 (Wednesday) Arrival at Inflight Dubai
Registration, including payment for wind tunnel use (see paragraph 20.)
Judges briefing
Wind checks
Commence of the Competition
End time will be decided depending on the team’s registrations

16th December 2021 (Thursday) Arrival at Inflight Dubai
Judges briefing
Wind checks
Continuation of Competition
End time will be decided depending on the team’s registrations

17th December 2021 (Friday) Arrival at Inflight Dubai
Judges briefing
Wind checks
Continuation of Competition
Competition ceases not later than 14:00h
Final ceremony and prize-giving at the Marina with the participants of the 6th DIPC

18th December 2021 (Saturday): Departure of Participants.

8.Accomodation (6th DIPC/DITC):
Golden Tulip Media Hotel, Hessa street, Al Barsha Heights, Dubai Website:
In principle, double rooms or apartments are provided. With the exception of the Heads of Delegations (HOD's), there is no entitlement to single rooms. The division of the participants for the rooms will be based on the room sharing plan. If, with the exception of the HODs, single rooms are requested, the difference between the double room and the single room must be paid by yourself.

International Skydiving Committee (ISC) Competition Rules (CR), edition 2021 with the changes stated in this bulletin (e.g. mixed teams AL and 2 juniors for AL, CP adjusted to meet local conditions) will apply for the above mentioned disciplines/events.

Indoor Skydiving: ISC Competition Rules (CR) for FS 4-way, VFS 4-way, FS 8-way, edition May 2021.
For the other indoor events (FS-2-way, VFS 2-way, 2-way Dynamic, Solo Free style), the rules of Inflight Dubai will apply. They will be timely published.


10.Organizing Committee:
Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Nasser Al Neyadi, President Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF).
Director of the Organizing Committee: Yousif Hassan Al Hammadi, Vice-President Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF).
Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee, Head of the Technical Committee & Meet Director: Mohammed Yousuf Abdul Rahman, General Secretary Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF).
Deputy Head of the Technical Committee & Assistant Meet Director: Helmut Schlecht, Advisor to EAF
Meet Director Indoor Skydiving: Ian "Freddy" Scott McDonald, Inflight Dubai


FAI Judges/CISM-Judges and approved national judges will be used for all events.

Chief Judge: Dr. Rainer “Exi” Hoenle
Assistant Chief Judge: Saeed Al Sayed Al Hashimi
Event Judge Accuracy Landing:Günter Berendt
Event Judge Formation Skydiving: Jurate Janusauskiene
Event Judge Canopy Piloting: Zeljiko Tanaskovic
Event Judge Indoor Skydiving: TBD
Technical Director CP Course:Jasper Williams

The Judges Conference 6th DIPC will be held on 08th December 2021 at 10:00h. (All participating judges must attend - see also paragraph 6).


12.Judging Equipment:
Accuracy Landing: Weckbecker Electronics
Formation Skydiving: Namespace Technologies „InTime-System“
Canopy Piloting: Sensor System Jasper Williams Andrew’s Video System RSA

Twin Otter HD 6 (Skydive Dubai) for Formation Skydiving, Accuracy Landing & CanopyPiloting. Left door, exit speed 85 KIAS; +/- 5 knots

14. Tunnel Information:
Inflight Dubai Tunnel with an independent system similar to skyventure technology. The tunnel is 5 meters (16 feet) in diameter, maximum wind 282 km/h. The total height of the tunnel is 20.7 meters (68 feet).


Average daytime temperature during December is 25.0º (high) and 21.0º (low) centigrade, with cooler nights. Wind: Average wind speed is 3-5 m/s (6 – 10 knots). Main directions: west/ northwest


It is intended to use the Palm/Marina drop zone of Skydive Dubai for all three disciplines. Altitude: Mean sea level (MSL).


17.Pre-competition training:
1 Practice jump is included in the entry fee.
Costs for Training Jumps on 07th/08th/09th December 2021 will be:
Accuracy Landing: US $ 22 (AED 80.00) For each individual competitor/jumper
Formation Skydiving 4-way:US $ 30 (AED 110.00) For each individual competitor/jumper
Vertical Formation Skydiving 4-way: US $ 30 (AED 110.00) For each individual competitor/jumper
Formation Skydiving 8-way:US $ 33 (AED 121.00) For each individual competitor/jumper
Canopy Piloting:US $ 24 (AED 88.00) For each individual competitor/jumper

Skydive Dubai is a fully operational drop zone. Teams are welcome to contact the Centre at if they wish to train before the start of the championship.

If the practice jumps cannot be started or completed for any pertinent reason on 09th December 2021, the allotted time for the practice jump will not be extended.

Indoor Skydiving: 
Pre-competition training time for all registered participants in all the categories will be charged AED 2,000/- (US $ 544.50) for one hour. For tunnel reservation contact front desk: Telephone: +971 48328009. Website: Booking priority to be given to all registered participants for training.



  1. Personal Health insurance and repatriation coverage are the responsibility of each participant and is highly advisable.

  2. Liability insurance coverage to third parties for the event is provided by the organizer. This does not apply for any damage caused by a participant in freefall or under canopy. Any such damage is the responsibility of the parachutist. Third party liability insurance for the parachute and/or participant is highly advisable.

  3. Any damage to hotel rooms etc. is the responsibility of the persons involved.

  4. Personal items and equipment are the responsibility of each participant.

19. Medical Facilities:
Adequate medical services according to SC 5, paragraph 4.5.3 (3), will be provided at the drop zone of “Skydive Dubai" during the championship, including the official training/practice days. Preparatory measures would be taken in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and further measures are planned during the championship.


20. Entry Fees:


1. Head of Delegation, Team Managers, Team Coaches:


US $




1. Competitor one discipline/event:


US $



2. Junior competitors:

US $


3. For each additional discipline (see § 2. Disciplines) plus:

US $


4. Participants not using accommodation one discipline/event:

US $

700.00/Juniors 500.00




Indoor Skydiving

  • FS 2-way:Team registration fee                                      AED 400 (US $ 109.00)
  • FS 4-way:Team registration fee                                      AED 500 (US $ 136.00)
  • VFS 2-way:Team registration fee                                    AED 400 (US $ 109.00)
  • VFS 4-way:Team registration fee                                    AED 500 (US $ 136.00)
  • 2-way Dynamic:Team registration fee                            AED 400 (US $ 109.00)


  • FS 4-way:Team registration fee                                      AED 500 (US $ 136.00)
  • VFS 2-way: Team registration fee                                    AED 400 (US $ 109.00)
  • VFS 4 way: Team registration fee                                    AED 500 (US $ 136.00)
  • 8-way FS:Team registration fee                                      AED 500 (US $ 136.00)
  • 2 way Dynamic:Team registration fee                            AED 400 (US $ 109.00)
  • Solo Free Style: Registration fee per person                  AED 400 (US $ 109.00)

Entry Fee including accommodation, food, transportation etc, without costs for the wind tunnel: US $    400.00

Note: This amount must be transferred to the specified account of EAF (see below), while the costs for the wind tunnel fees are to be paid directly to Inflight Dubai (see last section of paragraph 20).

Judges for the 6th DIPC selected by the Chief Judge will be invited by the President of the Organizing Committee to be included in the panel of judges as detailed in the invitation letter. For confirmation of registration, it is necessary to submit a copy of the bank transfer letter, or advise us if you would like to pay cash upon arrival.
Whenever possible bank transfer is the preferred method of payment for the 6th DIPC , in order to shorten the registration process, because paying in cash during the registration for the 6th DIPC seriously delays the course of the registration.

Entry Fee 6th DIPC: Includes accommodation, meals from dinner on day of arrival (07th December 2021) until breakfast on departure day (18th December 2021), social events, transport from/to Dubai International Airport, local transportation and all competition jumps. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, lunch will be served in the form of lunch boxes at the Competition site.

Deadline for final payment of the Entry fee 6th DIPC & DITC (Entry Fee accommodation etc.) will be the 09th November 2021. All payments to be made to the Emirates Aerosport Federation (EAF) with the following bank details:

Bank account:
Account name: Emirates Aerosports Federation
Account No.:1001502101

Swift Code: CBDUAEAD
Bank Name: Commercial Bank of Dubai
Bank Address: P.O. Box 6677, Al ltihad Street, Port Saeed, Deira, Dubai/UAE

Entry Fees received at a later date MUST be paid in US $ CASH upon arrival. Late fee of US $30.00 per person will be applied. If the championship has to be canceled at short notice (see paragraph 27), after receipt of the entry fee, the entry fee will be returned.

Payment of fees DITC (Indoor Skydiving): For all Indoor participants, including combined out- & indoor, the Entry fee for using the wind tunnel is to be paid in cash (AED or US $) at registration directly to Inflight Dubai, on December 15th, 2021/December 09th/10th, 2021 for out- & indoor teams.

21.Registration Forms/Registration:
The Preliminary Registration Forms (out- and indoor) must be submitted to the Organizing Committee before 15th October 2021 to:
The Final Registration Forms and Documents (out- and indoor) must be submitted to the Organizing Committee before 01st November 2021 to:

The room sharing plan and arrival details must be submitted to the Organizing Committee before 15th  November 2021 to:
Please use the Excel files and send them also in xls format (no .jpg, .gif, .pdf,…) Procedures and forms are also online for download at:

Each NAC shall designate one point of contact. No separate registration/payment by individuals/teams will be accepted. Everything is being planned to ensure that this will be again, following the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th DIPC's & Gulf Cups, the Mondial 2012, the FAI-World Air Games 2015 and the 9th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting 2017, another successful International Parachuting Champion- ship, with, for the first time, Indoor Skydiving included. We just need YOU, the competitors, officials, judges and friends to make it another successful and enjoyable event in Dubai.

22.Arrial at Entry Point:
Delegations/Individuals should report directly to Championship Immigration Officers, after arrival, at the designated desk manned by Immigration and personnel of the Organizing Committee at the Dubai International Airport for visas and clearances. Buses will be provided (schedule to be published) for transportation from Dubai International Airport to the Hotels at certain times during the arrival day on 07th/08th December 2021. Teams arriving prior to or after the set time (07th/08th December 2021) will need to find their own way to the competition site/hotel. Cost for a taxi is approximately US $ 20.
After arrival at hotel reception each delegation will find a welcome letter in an envelope addressed to each NAC.

  • Please check the content of the envelope, which includes:
    • timetable until the official start of the 6th DIPC 2021, including a schedule for official meetings,
    • location and schedule for registration after arrival,
    • lists of all delegation members with participation in the different disciplines/events (start lists)
    • any last-minute news regarding your stay during the 6th DIPC 2021.

    For registration after arrival every NAC delegation is expected to be represented by one Official (Head of Delegation [HOD] or his designated deputy if the HOD arrives later than the majority of his delegation) who should take care of the whole delegation (including any last-minute change of participation in the different events, payment. etc.). Registration desk will not deal with any team manager in the different disciplines or even individual competitors.

    If you have any problems or delay on your arrival, you may contact registration by E-Mail or in urgent matters Mr. Yousef Al Shehhi, Head of Public Relation Committee, mobile number: +971-50 699 9907 or the Head of the Transportation Committee, Mr. Ali Al Marzooqi +971506565969.


23.Composition of Delegation:
1 Head of Delegation (HOD)
1 Team Manager/Coach

Note: If a Delegation competes in more than 1 discipline (AL, FS, CP) 2 Team Managers/ Coaches will be accepted.
It is up to the NAC/HOD to distribute the tasks of Team Managers/Coaches in the various disciplines within the given total number of persons.

Competitors see paragraph 2. The maximum number is: AL: 17, FS 4-way: 12, FS 8-way: 10, VFS 4-way: 6, CP: 4, Officials: 2-3). Which gives a maximum total per NAC of 51/52. persons.

24.Countries that are invited to compete:
Countries which are FAI members in good standing according to the FAI Sporting Code, General Section, paragraph 8.1.3. and invited Guest Delegations which are not FAI members yet.



  1. If delegations/individuals are from a country that requires a Visa to enter the UAE, then necessary visa support can be provided if the required passport details and the filled attached visa application form are submitted to the Organizing Committee before 10th November 2021

  2. Copy of the Passport (jpg/pdf) and the filled form (word) has to be sent in good quality to:

  3. A Visa fee of US $ 75.00 applies (to be paid cash upon arrival).

26.Organization Contact Personnal:
E-Mail: all championship registration issues)
E-Mail: (for all general questions)

Director of the Organizing Committee: Yousif Hassan Al Hammadi E-Mail:
Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee, Head of the Technical Committee & Meet Director: Mohammed Yousuf Abdul Rahman E-Mail:
Deputy Head of the Technical Committee & Assistant Meet Director: Helmut Schlecht, Advisor to EAF E-Mail:
Meet Director Indoor Skydiving: Ian "Freddy" Scott McDonald E-Mail: Tel.: 00971-56-1329227
Program Manager Inflight Dubai: Shah Mohiuddin E-Mail: Tel.: 00971-54-4882846

27.Other Matters:
Please keep yourself up to date on the current development of the corona pandemic and, in this context, on the regulations that apply when entering and departing the UAE. Almost all questions in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic refer to Dubai government regulations, see website: and/or:
Prerequisite for participation regarding Covid 19:

  • Proof of fully vaccinated or
  • Proof of Covid 19 recovery 
    If that does not exist, then a PCR-test result not older than 48 hours is required. Health insurance is mandatory (see also paragraph 18. 1.).
    Depending on the future development of the Covid-19 pandemic, worldwide and especially in the UAE, cancellation of the Championship at short notice must remain a possibility.
    The Delegations are kindly requested to bring their own National flag (approximately 100 cm x 150 cm) and its National anthem in a downloadable format (CD, MP3) to be used in ceremonies (see SC 5, 4.4.2. [4]).

Preliminary & Final Entry Registration forms
Room sharing & arrival plan form
Visa application form
Competition & Training Site 6th DIPC