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Make your tandem skydive

at Skydive Dubai!

A tandem skydive is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of freefall at over 120 miles per hour, while securely attached in a harness to one of our world-class instructors.

Skydive Dubai offers tandem skydives at our premium location the Palm dropzone, and at our standard location, the Desert Campus dropzone.

The total cost for a tandem skydive at the Desert Campus is AED 1699. The total cost for a tandem skydive at the Palm is AED 2199. The tandem skydiving package at both locations includes photos and a professionally edited video of the skydive.

On the day of the skydive, our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through the entire process, and our talented camera flyers will capture every sensational second so you can re-live the experience again and again, and share it with friends and family around the world!

Whether you’re living locally or just visiting, a tandem skydiving experience over the beautiful desert dunes or the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island is a must-try when in Dubai!

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You can now purchase a gift certificate directly online for a friend or one of your loved ones!


How do I book a tandem skydive?
Tandem skydives at the Palm and Desert Campus dropzones can be reserved online through our secure booking facility or purchased in person.
Can I purchase a skydive as a gift?
Of course! Tandem gift certificates are available for our premium location and can be purchased online It’s the perfect for the special adrenaline junkie in your life.
Please note: Gift Certificates are for personal use only and the person using it must meet our requirements.
What is a tandem skydive?
A tandem skydive means that you will skydive while securely attached to a qualified instructor. Your instructor will deploy your parachute, navigate to the landing area, and control the parachute to ensure a safe and soft landing.
At Skydive Dubai, a camera flyer will also accompany you to capture every unbelievable second. So all you have to do is enjoy the experience and smile for the camera!
I haven’t made a booking. Can I still skydive?
We have a waiting list option at both dropzones for those who haven’t made a reservation. Show up early, and put your name down. If there’s an available slot that day you might just get it!
The waiting list is compiled on a first-come-first-served basis, so it’s always a good idea to arrive just before the dropzone opens. You must be at the dropzone to get on the waiting list. Review our requirements prior to arrival to avoid disappointment. There is no guarantee you will get to skydive, but if you’re not on the list, you won’t be on the plane!
I want to make a booking, but the calendar doesn’t show my dates.
Tandem skydiving reservations for both dropzones are generally available to book one to three months in advance. This is to avoid any unforeseen schedule changes, ensure aircraft availability, and to avoid over-booking during periods of aircraft maintenance.
If your preferred dates are not currently displayed, they haven’t yet been opened to bookings. Check back regularly to see when new slots become available.
If you are unable to book your selected dates because we are already fully booked, you may still be able to skydive by joining our daily tandem skydiving waiting list, or by choosing to book your skydive at our second location.
How fast do you fall?
The average human body falls at approximately 120 miles per hour, although this can increase or decrease based on body size and position.
How long does freefall last?
Freefall lasts approximately 60 seconds. After the parachute is deployed you will then have a relaxing canopy descent lasting 4 to 5 minutes.
How long is the tandem experience?
The whole experience can take approximately 3 hours from check-in, and sometimes longer if there are issues with the weather. You will meet your instructor approximately 15 minutes before you board the aircraft. Once on-board the take-off, ascent, skydive, and landing takes approximately 20 minutes. Videos and pictures will be ready for collection within 60 minutes from the time you land.
From what altitude will I skydive?
All tandem skydives at the Palm exit from 13,000 feet AGL (4,000m), and from 12,500 feet AGL at the Desert Campus.
Is skydiving safe?
As with any adventure sport, skydiving has an element of risk. However, we minimize this risk by using state-of-the-art training and equipment. All Skydive Dubai equipment is equipped with an automatic activation device (AAD), which will automatically deploy the parachute in the unlikely event that your instructor is unable to do so.
All of our skydiving tandem instructors have undergone rigorous selection, training and certification and all parachutes are maintained under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Rigger supervision. Our impressive fleet of aircraft is maintained to the very highest standards. Your safety really is our primary concern.
Does weather affect skydiving?
The weather does affect us in skydiving. In the UAE we are lucky as we don’t tend to see too much cloud cover, but poor visibility, precipitation, or winds (especially at higher altitudes) can delay proceedings on occasion. If this is the case our Safety and Training officer or other such qualified personnel will put the operation on a ‘stand-by’. This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get to skydive, usually it just means you may have to wait a bit longer to do so. If poor conditions persist, we may have to shut-down for the day.
What does “Standby” mean?
A stand-by is when skydiving operations are temporarily suspended due to weather conditions. In the UAE, our main interference comes from the wind, at ground level and at altitude. If there is a stand-by, conditions will be constantly monitored and operations will resume once conditions are deemed suitable.
For an overview of other manifest announcements, please see the Your Experience section.
What is the process for getting on the plane?
Before your skydive, your instructor will give you a full briefing, and your camera flyer will interview you. You will escorted to the boarding area shortly after, where you will receive a pre-boarding safety check, and you will get your pictures taken. You, your instructor and your videographer will then board the aircraft..
Can I tandem skydive if I suffer from vertigo?
When you skydive, you do not get vertigo, as there are no visual references to the ground. It’s not like standing on top of a ladder where you can clearly see objects beneath. When exiting the plane there is just hundreds of square kilometres of beautiful sky, and the fantastic views of Dubai or the astounding desert.
Will I skydive at my check-in time?
No. The time allocated is for the purposes of checking-in to manifest. You will be required to sign a waiver and meet with your instructor before getting ready to board the plane. You should plan to spend a number of hours for your experience, as weather and other factors can play a part. For a full breakdown of the process on the day see the Your Experience section.
When will I receive my photos and video?
You can collect your photos and videos within an hour after you land from our gear store.
I have booked another activity after my skydive. Will I be finished in enough time?
Our teams at the Palm and the Desert Campus work hard to get you in the air as soon as we can. Weather conditions on the ground and/or at opening altitude or other factors may result in delays, so please ensure you have a flexible schedule on the day of your skydive. We cannot guarantee you will be finished at a certain time. Plan to spend a number of hours for your experience from the time of check-in.
Will I need insurance?
Skydive Dubai does not offer insurance for tandem students. If you require third-party or personal accident insurance cover, you will need to arrange this yourself beforehand.
I want to book a skydive for a special occasion. Can you accommodate?
Absolutely! Whether you want to propose to the love of your life, or make someone’s birthday or anniversary extra-special, the Skydive Dubai can organise it all. We have special packages for different events, and a full VIP service. For more information, get in touch using our VIP contact form.
Why do I need a reservation?
Skydive Dubai’s dropzones are some of the busiest dropzones in the world. In order to guarantee your spot on the plane, we offer an online reservation system.
Something’s come up. I need to reschedule!
Individuals can reschedule up to 24 hours prior to the reservation date. Groups may reschedule up to 72 hours prior to their reservation date.

We generally book up quickly, which means some people may be on a waiting list. If you are part of group and need to reschedule, advanced notice is required to allow us to rebook your slots. If you cancel or reschedule without the required notice, your deposit will be forfeited. Contact the Palm or Desert Campus tandem reservation team directly to reschedule via the contact form on our Contact Us page.
What is the best way to get in touch with the tandem staff team?
If you would like to get in touch with our tandem staff at the Palm or Desert Campus, please use the contact form on our Contact Us page.
Where are you located?
Please see our Contact Us page for full details of Skydive Dubai locations and directions.
What if I love and want to continue skydiving?
A tandem skydive is one of the very best ways of experiencing what the sport of skydiving is all about. If you have been inspired to continue skydiving after your tandem skydive, the first step is to book an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course.
Do you offer other services apart from skydiving?
We do! We’re multi-talented here at Skydive Dubai

We offer facility rentals, demonstration skydives for brands and businesses, and can organise or host any number of special events. Get in touch using our contact form on our Contact Us page, to see what we can do for you.

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