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Make your first tandem jump

at Skydive Dubai!

Skydive Dubai offers tandem jumps, which allow you to feel the thrill of free fall with no previous experience while you’re harnessed to one of our professional instructors. The tandem jump is a great introduction to skydiving. We offer tandem skydives at our Palm Drop Zone.

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Please note that to be able to make a tandem jump you must follow these rules and restrictions, these are for your safety and comfort:

Age: You must be 18 years of age (by Gregorian calendar) or older on the day you skydive.
Please come with a valid photo id such as your Emirates ID, a Drivers license, ID card with photo, etc.
If you are 60 years old or older on the day you skydive, kindly download and fill out the provided medical statement prior to your arrival to the drop zone.

Clothes: Wear athletic and comfortable clothes, sneakers/sport shoes. No sandals, boots or high heels.
Please do not wear low cut tops, shirts with a collar or short shorts. No sleeveless shirts, only T-shirts with short or long sleeves.

Weight: You MUST be within this weight limit (with clothing and sport shoes) and BMI (body mass index) limit or you will not be permitted to tandem skydive.
These requirements are in place to ensure a safe, but thrilling skydive for you and our staff.


Weight: 90kg/198lbs or less

BMI: maximum 27.5


Weight: 100kg/220.5lbs or less

BMI: maximum 30.0


• We highly recommend checking your weight and BMI before you create your booking with us. Click here to be taken to an online BMI calculator to check it now.

• Skydive Dubai manifest staff will check your BMI and weight on the day of your skydive at our registration desk.

Hours of operation:

Closed to skydiving June, July, and August.
Reopening September 1.
Limited walk in customer service Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 3pm, GMT+4

Planned Closures:
June 1 - August 31
October 30 - November 7 (Experienced Skydivers Only)
December 25

January 1

Reservations: Thank you for your interest, but we are not accepting reservations at this time.
Closed June, July and August.

Next booking availability will be for September. Stay tuned to our website where we share when the reservations will start being accepted.

Weather: Skydiving is a weather sensitive sport.

Please plan to spend at least 3 hours for your experience. If the conditions are not perfect, your experience may take a little longer. Be sure to pay attention to the announcements over the PA from Manifest in the waiting area as well as announcements on the monitors placed on the wall.

If you are unable to skydive due to bad weather conditions, your deposit is refundable. You can also ask at Manifest to move your reservation to a later date if there is space available in our schedule.

Zero Tolerance: Absolutely no alcohol and/or drugs in your system 24 hours before making a tandem skydive.

Payment: We accept the following for payments:
Cash (local currency only)
Debit Cards
Visa and MasterCard

We do not accept the following for payment:
American Express

Refunds for tandem skydives are only issued when operations are canceled due to bad weather.

Refunds are not issued for the following reasons:

• You do not show up on time for your reservation

• You arrived with alcohol in your system

• Your weight and/or BMI exceeds our requirements

• Gift certificates

Scuba: Please do not scuba dive 24 hours before your tandem skydive.

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