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Make your tandem skydive

at Skydive Dubai!

A tandem skydive is the quickest and easiest way to experience the thrill of freefall at over 120 miles per hour, while securely attached in a harness to one of our world-class instructors.

Skydive Dubai offers tandem skydives at our premium location the Palm dropzone, and at our standard location, the Desert Campus dropzone.

The total cost for a tandem skydive at the Desert Campus is AED 1699. The total cost for a tandem skydive at the Palm is AED 2199. The tandem skydiving package at both locations includes photos and a professionally edited video of the skydive.

On the day of the skydive, our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through the entire process, and our talented camera flyers will capture every sensational second so you can re-live the experience again and again, and share it with friends and family around the world!

Whether you’re living locally or just visiting, a tandem skydiving experience over the beautiful desert dunes or the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island is a must-try when in Dubai!

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Current Hours - Palm Dropzone

Hours for June, July, and August will vary.

Please click the button above to go to our live booking calendar to check dates and check in times availability for June, July, and August.

Current Hours - Desert Campus Dropzone

Sorry, no tandem skydiving available until October 2018 at this location only.

Licensed skydiving available weekends only in May 2018.

No skydiving operation will take place at the Desert Campus DZ from June to the end of August 2018.

Please note:

  • All times listed are GMT+4
  • All times are subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions and other conditions beyond our control.
  • Skydive Dubai is not responsible for the cost of taxi fare to or from our locations or any costs related to the cancellation of our operations.
  • There is no access to either dropzone when Skydive Dubai locations are closed.

Experienced skydivers are requested to go to the Palm and Desert Campus operational briefings for licensed skydiving information and specific updates for licensed skydivers for each dropzone.

Planned Dropzone Closures

Planned Closures

Palm dropzone location only

  • December 25, 2018
  • January 1, 2019

Desert Campus dropzone location only

  • June to August 2018
  • December 25, 2018
  • January 1, 2019

Skydive Dubai reserves the right to close either dropzone or cancel operations on any other dates, as well as those specified above. Skydive Dubai will not be responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that tandem students or experienced skydivers may incur as a result of planned or unexpected drop zone closures, including but not limited to visas, airfare tickets, fees related to booking of accommodation etc.

Booking Availability

Click the ‘Book Your Tandem Now’ button and check our live booking calendars for the Palm and Desert Campus tandem skydiving availability.

Please review requirements prior to making a reservation. If you do not meet our requirements and you book, then your deposit will not be refunded.

Experienced skydivers are requested to go to the Palm and Desert Campus operational briefings for licenced skydiving information and specific updates for the Palm and Desert Campus.

What’s Next? Learn to skydive solo!

Fallen in love with freefall? Us too!

You can learn to skydive solo at the Desert Campus by taking an Accelerated Freefall course (AFF).

Find out more on our School section.

Looking for Experienced skydiver information?

Click on our School section to see what courses we offer, or check out our Experienced section to see our drop zone briefings, services and prices.