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Tandem Skydives Now Available to Book Until April 2017

Tandem Skydives Now Available to Book Until April 2017 – Live a Life of Without Boundaries

We all need to prioritize what really matters at times, and skydivers prioritize living over anything else, if only for a weekend, a day, or 60 blissful seconds. First-time tandem skydives over the Palm Jumeirah Island are now available to book until April 29, 2017!

You’ve checked-in, filled in the forms, and been called for your skydive. You’ve been harnessed and briefed, gave an interview to your camera-flyer, boarded an aircraft that is miniscule in comparison to any commercial plane you’ve ever been on, and now you’re ascending to 13,000 feet.

Looking around at others in the same situation, you begin to regret the decision. A voice in your ear asks, ‘Are you ready?’ You’re not ready. Of course you’re not ready. This is madness. Is it too late to back out?

You give a thumbs-up to your instructor.

The door opens. Thoughts race through your mind. Why is the door of an aircraft open? It shouldn’t be open surely, should it? Your instructor guides you towards it.

The distance to the earth is incomprehensible. Your toes are actually outside the plane. Your stomach clenches and your fingers cling desperately to the straps over your shoulders.

Your camera-flyer theatrically pushes up her cheeks and grins. She waits for your response.

You force a big cheesy smile onto your face – then the adrenaline takes over. The count begins. Ready? Set…

You’re bundled out into the abyss, freefalling at over 120 miles per hour.

Initial Reaction

If you’ve ever heard the words ‘tandem skydive’ the next words that came to mind were quite possibly, ‘no way, that’s crazy!’ It’s a common reaction, and one perpetuated by Hollywood movies and mind-blowing Youtube videos. But in reality skydiving is a sport for absolutely everyone. It’s a sport of inclusion and appreciation, of freedom and perspective.

Very few people can truly say they’ve touched the clouds, but we can!

You can now book your tandem skydiving experience over the Palm months in advance, to make sure you make the most out of your time in Dubai.

And if that wasn’t reason enough, you can also get the VIP treatment by enquiring about our VIP tandem services, try a tandem at Skydive Dubai’s Desert Campus training centre, or give someone the gift of flight with a tandem skydiving gift certificate.

Why Skydive?
A tandem skydive can be the most terrifying thing you’ll ever do, the greatest decision of your life, or both. Skydiving is not for the young and reckless. More and more people are taking to the skies and finding that skydiving is not only a great one-time adrenaline rush, but can be an invaluable tool for personal and professional development, for companies to promote team-building or to make a lasting impression on clients.

It’s an extraordinary experience, and one many people choose to accomplish (and it is an accomplishment) for a variety of reasons.

Some want to tick a life-box, or strike an item off their bucket-list. Others ‘make the leap’ for a challenge, to face fears, or to mark a new beginning. The one thing that is universal, is the result. Few come away from the experience the same as they began. Their perspective has been altered and suddenly anything becomes possible – that promotion, project, or lifestyle-change becomes attainable.

The reason? For those 60 seconds of freefall, the boardroom, classroom, office or desk is left in another world, and all your energy is focused on a moment, one single moment. The immediate present.

It’s the ability to forget past and future and concentrate solely on the environment around you. Problems at home or work evaporate. The last things going through the mind of a skydiver at the exit door are the dishes in the sink, or the bills on the table.

We all need to prioritize what really matters at times, and skydivers prioritize living over anything else, if only for a weekend, a day, or 60 blissful seconds.

Skydiving is for Everyone 
Almost everyone from the age of 18 upwards can skydive, and in recent years there has been a huge increase in skydivers who begin in their 30s, 40s, and even much later. Many even try skydiving after retirement. The oldest tandem skydiver in the world made the leap for his 101st birthday!

For safety there are some limitations on who can skydive, as a moderate level of physical fitness is required as well as an average weight and BMI to ensure the highest safety for customers and Skydive Dubai staff, but if you’re between the ages of 18 and 101 and within the safety requirements, it could be time to try it for yourself!

For a full list of requirements see our Requirements and Downloads page. There are no exceptions when it comes to safety at Skydive Dubai, so please ensure you meet the stated requirements as your deposit will not be refunded if you make a booking, but do not conform to our requirements. You can also use this BMI calculator to ensure you are within the safety limits. Those who have a high muscle to weight ratio (such as bodybuilders for example) may want to consider a diet that lowers their BMI before making a booking.

Once you’re happy that you meet all the requirements, just book online, check-in at your chosen arrival time, fill out the required documentation and pay the remaining balance. After which, you’ll be ready to meet your instructor and camera-flyer before boarding the aircraft!

You can even choose between the amazing views at Skydive Dubai’s Palm dropzone, or the ‘ocean’ of rolling desert dunes at our Desert Campus location. To make a booking at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, just send your enquiry using this contact form and our manifest team will get back to you. Then the rest of the process and all requirements are the same!

I’ve wanted to skydive since year 2000 … when I moved to Dubai, I thought that I got a chance to make my dream come true.  I needed to lose weight to be able to skydive [and] my dream of skydiving has driven my motivation. I’ve lost 30 kg! It was worth it! My efforts have paid off! It was absolutely amazing! – Alaa Khamash (October 2016)


Opening Doors 

So why are so many diverse people taking to the skies?

Because it opens doors. It’s not just overcoming a fear that’s helpful throughout other aspects of life, it’s the increased confidence that comes from knowing that there’s nothing you can’t do.

Professionally, people who take calculated risks, envision positive outcomes and demonstrate the desire to succeed – despite obstacles and fear – are the ones who reach the pinnacle in their careers. A sport like skydiving instils these characteristics, as you have to do all these and more. A tandem skydive is an excellent way to achieve this, and for those who advance and learn how to skydive on their own through an Accelerated Freefall course (AFF), the rewards can be exponential.

It’s not just the aircraft door that’ll open for you, the opportunities skydiving offers to evolve personally and professionally are practically unmatched by any other activity.

Even sporting official Skydive Dubai clothing and accessories make a statement about who you are and what you’re capable of – that you were not afraid to step outside your comfort zone, and that you have the determination to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Because of skydiving I’ve also found out something new about myself - that I can do more and pushing my limits is really rewarding. So, that’s why I said: “Okay, so what’s next? What else can I do? Or what can I do better?”Darius Vezeteu (September 2016)


Fear is Perfectly Normal 

Is it scary to jump out of an airplane? Absolutely! It’s the reason you’ve read this far, and the same reason people enjoy racing, rollercoasters and any number of other activities. It’s what gives you the adrenaline rush, and overcoming that fear is what gives you the elation and sense of accomplishment afterwards.

Acrophobia, or the fear of heights, is one of the most common reasons people aren’t inclined to skydive. In fact, there are many experienced skydivers who are also afraid of heights. But it’s not like standing on a ladder or on top of a tall building. From the aircraft there are no real visual references, so there is no dizzy sensation such as that associated with vertigo.

But if you’re anything like the hundreds of customers that visit Skydive Dubai every week, you’ll have concerns and questions, and will probably feel nervous before you arrive. That’s perfectly natural. Some common concerns are;

Will I skydive at my arrival time?
In short, no. You will be required to fill out the required documentation and pay the remaining balance before being scheduled on the aircraft. The Your Experience section offers a step-by-step explanation of what to expect on the day.

How long does the experience take?
A number of hours. We cannot guarantee you will be finished at a certain time. Usually you will board the plane between 1 and 2 hours after arrival, but this can be shorter or longer depending on weather conditions or other factors, so please ensure you have a flexible schedule on the day of your skydive.

To put your mind at ease, we have put together an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section on our website where we answer these questions and many more like them so you can learn a little bit more about your skydive, ease your fears, and get a good night’s sleep before the big day!

The Your Experience page also offers a comprehensive overview of what the process is on the day with a step-by-step guide from start to finish, while the Tips for a Great Experience section gives great suggestions about reservations, rescheduling, group discounts, what to wear and other helpful information. Check it out and make sure you’re ready to fly!

“I believe life is about challenges and I considered skydiving as my personal challenge … It was awesome! I want to do it again definitely! The view is amazing here in Dubai! Thanks to skydiving I know that if you want to do something and you find it challenging, you just need to break your personal barriers and that it’s not so hard. Now I know I can do whatever I want!” – Hugo Aguiar (October 2016)


Gifts & VIP 

So skydiving isn’t just for the fearless, it’s also for professionals, companies, customers, and clients, and it’s a fantastic way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday and even make a marriage proposal!

Our engagement and birthday banners can get your message across loud and clear long before they touch down on the grass. And with photos and video of the entire experience, you can share it with friends and family across the world and re-live it again and again.

Purchase a gift voucher for a tandem skydive on our website and treat someone special to the gift of flight.

For any special arrangements, please book your skydive through our website, and then contact our manifest team using this form to organise your surprise!

The VIP express tandem service is also a great way to book your preferred date even if it’s already booked up on the website! So if you’re short on time and only have a few days in the city, become a VIP for the day and don’t miss out on your tandem experience. Just choose the “I am a VIP that would like to book a tandem skydive” option on our Contact Us page to enquire about your preferred date and arrival time. Terms and conditions apply.

It was amazing! Thanks to skydiving I’ve learnt that I am kind of addicted to adrenaline. I also found out that if you are nervous about doing something, just let your fear go, and you will be able to do awesome things! – Mahmoud Lattouf (October 2016)


Skydive Dubai Dropzones 
Here at Skydive Dubai we have two dropzone locations, the Palm and the Desert Campus.

The Palm is perfect for that once-in-a-lifetime tandem experience, skydiving gifts and vouchers, and for advertising and marketing brands. Its iconic view over the Palm Jumeirah Island has made it a must for tourists visiting the UAE, an impressive host for events and festivals, and one of the most photogenic locations for advertising.

The Desert Campus is perfect for groups of first-time tandem skydivers, those who want to learn how to skydive solo, corporate and team-building events, and of course the Desert Campus Flight School caters to all disciplines and experience levels of licenced skydivers.

Living Life

Skydiving is about life. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what we think we’re capable of and living in that one moment. It’s about opening doors, opening minds, increasing possibilities, and coming together to share experiences. It’s about learning, experiencing, and living. It’s about who you are and who you want to become.

It’s about you.

Your ‘Life in the Sky’ begins today. Live it!

Book your tandem skydiving experience at the Palm and choose your preferred date between now and April 29, 2017!



Book your Tandem Skydive in 4 Easy Steps!

1) Check out the First Time Skydiving Requirements & Downloadson our website.

2) While you’re there, find out What to Expect on the Day and get some Tips for a Great Experience.

3) Click the ‘Book Your Tandem Now’ button to select the day you would like to skydive and the time you will arrive inside the Skydive Dubai, Palm location, main building at the tandem check-in desk.

4) Come to the Palm location on your reserved date. Be sure to be at our registration desk at the arrival time you selected while creating the booking.

Please note that your arrival time is not your skydive time. At check-in you’ll be required to fill out the relevant documentation and pay the remaining balance of your skydive. Then our manifest team will schedule your skydiving slot on one of our aircraft.

For a faster check-in on the day you can even download and fill out the tandem skydiving regular booking waiver from the Requirements & Downloads page.

Usually your skydive will take place 1 to 2 hours after check-in. If weather or other circumstances beyond Skydive Dubai’s control hinder operations, your experience may take a little longer. Thank you for your patience.

While you wait Skydive Dubai t-shirts, available in the gear store, are the perfect apparel for your skydive, and pick up branded Skydive Dubai sunglasses, trucker caps, and more. Official Skydive Dubai merchandise is only available from Skydive Dubai dropzones.

Groups can avail of tandem skydiving discounts when booked together, so bring your friends, family and colleagues along for the ride! Group discounts can be viewed on the Tips for a Great Experience section. Skydive Dubai does not offer company discounts.

About Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai, featured in the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, the Daily Mail, CNN and more, is home to two of the world’s premier skydiving locations, and has been at the forefront of excellence in the sport of skydiving for a number of years. From First Jump Courses (FJC) where beginners learn to skydive solo, to world-class events, VIP packages, special projects, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Skydive Dubai has something for everyone. Begin your “Life in the Sky” with Skydive Dubai!

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The first thing you need to do is take our Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF). Afterwards you work towards you’re A (25 jumps), B (100 jumps), C (200 jumps) and D (500 jumps) license by fulfilling the requirements for each.