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Skydive Dubai’s Palm DZ location moves to tent next door

Starting from November 7, 2018, operations at Skydive Dubai’s Palm DZ will move from its existing building to the big white tent that is located just a few hundred meters away, next to the Skydive Dubai parking lot. This change in location is due to the ongoing construction projects taking place in the neighborhood.

Once they reach the parking lot, customers can follow the marked signs to the main entrance of the new tent.

Please note, this move will not interrupt operations at the dropzone, which will continue as usual. The schedule for the next few months will go ahead as planned.

November to May 2019:
Open seven days a week, 10 am (GMT+4) to sunset.
The first tandem check-in slot available is at 10 am.
Operations are dependent on weather conditions.

You may visit the live booking calendar to view planned closures, check-in times, and date availability.

Skydive Dubai’s Palm DZ is located in Mina Seyahi, next to Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) and Dubai Marina. Given Dubai’s efficient public transport network, we’d like to remind our customers that Skydive Dubai does not provide transportation to or from its locations.

DAMAC Properties, which is about a 5-minute taxi ride away from the Palm DZ, is the nearest metro station to the dropzone. Those commuting by tram can alight at either the Dubai Marina or Mina Seyahi stations, both located five minutes away by taxi. There’s also plenty of free parking available at the lot next to the tent if you plan to drive to the dropzone. Be sure to visit the Contact Us page for details on the location and GPS coordinates.

In case you have any further queries, please use the Contact form on our website to get in touch with our staff directly.

We look forward to welcoming you into our new home, and exploring Dubai’s skies together!

    About Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai is an adventure sports brand known for its extraordinary and innovative pursuit of excellence in aerial sports and has developed two of the foremost skydiving locations worldwide.

Skydive Dubai has been featured in the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, the Daily Mail, CNN and has been at the forefront of excellence in the sport of skydiving for a number of years. From First Jump Courses (FJC) where beginners learn to skydive solo, to world-class events, VIP packages, stunts, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Skydive Dubai has something for everyone!


– Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award in the category of the best national sports in 2015.
– TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, 2015 to 2017

    Guinness World Records

– Skydive Dubai and Balloon Adventures UAE broke two official Guinness World Records in 2013 by dropping the most skydivers from a hot air balloon in one flight (40 skydivers) and simultaneously releasing the most skydivers at one time (25 skydivers). Watch now at

– Skydive Dubai sponsored Soul Flyers World Champions Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a new Guinness World Record in 2014 by BASE jumping from above the pinnacle of the World’s Tallest Building. Watch now at

– Skydive Dubai athlete Ernesto Gainza, with landing the world’s smallest parachute, a JVX 35 sq. foot canopy entered Skydive Dubai into the Guinness World Record in 2014. Watch now at

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迪拜高空跳伞棕榈岛基地 (The Palm DZ) 接待中心将迁至旧址旁建筑


Skydive Dubai新址距旧址仅百米距离,紧邻露天停车厂,并设有指路牌指引入口方向。


2018年11月至2019年5月:全周7天运营,至日落。前台/登记处窗口从10:00 AM开放。


迪拜高空跳伞棕榈岛基地位于Mina Seyahi,临近Jumeirah Beach Residence(JBR)和Dubai Marina。前来的客人可以乘坐公共交通抵达。

DAMAC Properties 是距离棕榈岛跳伞基地最近的地铁站,乘至此站可打的士,5分钟即可抵达。乘坐Tram电车的客人可以乘至Dubai Marina站或Mina Seyahi站,出站后打的士,5分钟即可低达。在我们的官网上您可以在联系我们(Contact Us)页面找到迪拜高空跳伞在谷歌地图上的具体位置。

如果您有任何疑问,欢迎前往迪拜高空跳伞官网 联系我们,或者关注我们的新浪微博(@迪拜高空跳伞SkydiveDubai)。

关于迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai

迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai是一个充满挑战和创新的极限运动娱乐项目,迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai拥有两个世界上最美的跳伞圣地。

Skydive Dubai曾被多家国际知名媒体长年列为最顶尖的跳伞品牌,包括纽约时报,康得纳斯特旅行者杂志,每日邮报,CNN等。这里还有培训初学者单人跳伞FJC课程,世界级活动/VIP套餐/特技表演以及各种独一无二的动人体验。每个人在迪拜高空跳伞都能找到合适的项目。


– 2015年Skydive Dubai荣获穆罕穆德本拉希德颁布的创新运动奖最佳国家运动奖项

– 猫途鹰2015-2017卓越认证


迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai和阿联酋热气球探险一起打破了两项吉尼斯世界纪录。在2013年40名跳伞者同时从一个热气球中跳伞,打破了25人同时跳伞的历史纪录。

迪拜高空跳伞 Skydive Dubai 赞助 Soul Flyers 世界冠军 Vince Reffet 和 Fred Fugen 于2014年打破了另一项吉尼斯世界纪录——从世界最高楼顶部定点跳伞。

迪拜高空跳伞 Skydive Dubai 运动员 Ernesto Gainza,2014年使用最小的 JVX 35 平方英尺降落伞成功降落,使 Skydive Dubai 打破了新的吉尼斯世界纪录。在 Youtube 观看视频:

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The first thing you need to do is take our Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF). Afterwards you work towards you’re A (25 jumps), B (100 jumps), C (200 jumps) and D (500 jumps) license by fulfilling the requirements for each.