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Get your rating with Skydive Dubai and become a superhero.

Everybody remembers their first skydive, and everybody remembers their tandem instructor.

Get your rating with Skydive Dubai and become a superhero.


  • You must complete both the manufacturers tandem rating course and the USPA Tandem Course. These are typically taught together. (see below for the manufacturer's course you will be taking.)
  • Current USPA membership
  • Hold a USPA Coach Rating, or higher
  • Tandem proficiency card required topics signed off prior to the course
  • Class D license holder, or foreign equivalent, with 500-jumps (documented) similar to the AFFI prereqs.
  • USPA Tandem proficiency card with required topics signed off prior to the course
  • A current Class 3 medical certificate

The Tandem proficiency card is in the back of the USPA Instructional Rating Manual (IRM). You need a current IRM and SIM for the course, (current means not older then 24 months.) The proficiency card serves as your rating application form.

If you already have an instructor's rating, the asterisks on the proficency card indicate sign-offs you will not need for this course. If not, all aspects of the proficiency card will be required during or prior to the course.

The course consists of one day of classroom, ground, and in-air evaluations and an open book written exam. The complete USPA tandem course will take up to 2 days.

  • If you are taking a manufacturer specific Tandem Instructor Rating Course with me, I include the USPA Tandem course at no additonal cost to the candidate (you will be reposnible for the $50 tandem rating fee to USPA).
  • If you already have a manufacturer's tandem rating and are converting to a USPA tandem rating click here for details on the process..

Vector Sigma Tandem Certification Course


Each candidate is required to arrive at this course with all prerequisites completed, as specified on the Tandem Instructor Proficiency Card

This classroom, training, and evaluation for this course should be conducted over a minimum of three full days (more if English is not primary language)


Practical: Candidates for the USPA Tandem Instructor rating will be evaluated during the course for their ability to jump equipment and safely prepare and handle tandem students during actual tandem jumps with simulated students

Prepare non-method-specific students for the USPA A license.


Initial tandem evaluation phase.

The candidate will make five tandem jumps using tandem equipment under the supervision of the USPA Tandem Rating Course Director

Practice tandem phase:

The candidate will make a minimum of five more tandem jumps acting as the instructor with qualified experienced jumpers acting as students.

Non-Method-specific training evaluations.

Candidates will successfully train, observe, and critique at least one Category D to be preformed by the course director during the course (waived for instructors who hold a USPA Instructor rating in another discipline).

Written exam.

  • Prior to attending the course, each candidate must correctly answer 80% of the questions on an open-book examination covering this syllabus
  • The complete ISP syllabus
  • The USPA Basic Safety Requirements
  • SIM section 5
  • FARs

The tandem manufacturer also requires a written examination

Commencement of privileges

The privilege of any instructional rating will commence upon successful completion of the rating course and will be valid for 30 days with a candidate log book endorsement by the course director.

Please feel free to contact the DZ for scheduled courses.

The cumulative number of jumps of the staff of Skydive Dubai is well over 220,000 jumps!!!

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