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Welcome to Skydive Dubai.

Skydive Dubai is committed to enhancing the standards of excellence in all aspects of our incredible sport.

Whether you are just beginning your skydiving journey or are interested in a skydiving career, Skydive Dubai’s AFF program, Flight-1 canopy courses, coach and instructor ratings can take you to the next level.

For a comprehensive list of prices at both drop zones, see our Experienced Prices page.

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Accelerated Freefall Course

AFF Course (when prepaid) AED 10,000
AFF Course (when paid per category) AED 11,700
AFF First Jump Course Including Category A AED 2,200
Categories A–C1(Includes 2 Instructors) AED 1,500

Other Courses

Packing Course (Required for A Licence) AED 350
Categories C2 – E2 (Includes 1 Instructor) AED 1,300
Categories A-C1 Repeat Skydive (Includes 2 Instructors) AED 1,000
Categories C2– E2 Repeat Skydive (Includes 1 Instructor) AED 1,000
A Licence Varies
The total cost of the A licence is dependent on the student's ability to meet all requirements, stay current, and pass a written exam. A minimum of 25 skydives are needed to meet the licence requirements, but often it takes more. For more information on A licence requirements see the USPA Skydiver's Information Manual. For more information on costs please contact the Desert Campus using this contact form.
Contact our Canopy School to find out about specific courses


USPA Coach Course

(3 days per candidate) 1 candidates AED 1,500

USPA AFF Instructor Rating Course

(Length depends on number of candidates) 1 candidate AED 3,600

AFF IRC Pre-Course

AED 700 per day for an evaluator (Regardless of the number of candidates)

Tandem Instructor Course

(Vector/Sigma, will teach USPA Tandem Instructor Course free of charge – normally 5 days, 11 jumps) 1 candidate AED 3,000

(*) course fees only (excl. jump tickets, external video, Tandem rental equipment, material and membership-/rating fees)


(Payable directly to USPA and United Parachute Technologies) New Foreign Membership $74.00 Renewal Foreign Membership $64.00 Coach Rating fee $30.00 Renewal is the same. Only have to pay for one instructional rating at renewal) Tandem Rating fee $30.00 (Renewal is the same) Vector/SIGMA rating fee $30.00 (one time only)

Looking for the first time (tandem) skydiving prices, requirements and to book online?

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Location and Directions

Location and directions for the Desert Campus can be found on our Contact Us page here.

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