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Ramadan promotion at Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai and Ski Dubai have teamed up for a limited-time Ramadan offer this summer.

What better way to beat the heat than with some cool adventures at two of Dubai’s most popular attractions!

So, what’s the offer about?

It’s simple! Every customer who books a tandem skydive at our Palm dropzone during Ramadan will get two Ski Dubai Snow Plus tickets, each worth AED 325. Only tandem skydives completed between May 6, 2019, and June 5, 2019, are eligible for this offer.

The Snow Plus tickets can be redeemed at Ski Dubai, which is located at Mall of the Emirates.

The Snow Plus activities include:
• Bobsled
• Tubing Run
• Giant Ball
• Snow Bumpers
• Mountain Thriller
• A Chairlift ride
• One of the following options can be selected: Snow Penguins, OR Snow Bullet, OR Discovery Lesson, OR Slope Session (for experienced skiers only)

This Ramadan, Ski Dubai is also offering its customers digital photos, plus one x (8×10) printed photo in a folder (excluding penguins – Still & Digital photo) OR you can choose one Iftar meal at North 28 restaurant, which is located at the entrance of Ski Dubai. Locker facilities and fleece gloves are also included in this promotion.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our live booking calendar and book your tandem skydive today for a double dose of adventure!

Terms & Conditions:
– The promotion is valid for tandem skydive customers only.
– Customers must meet Skydive Dubai’s tandem requirements to be eligible for this promotion.
– The total value of Ski Dubai Snow Plus tickets is AED 650 (AED 325 each).
– Only tandem skydive bookings created through Skydive Dubai’s website, between 12:00 am on May 6, 2019, and 11:59 pm on June 4, 2019, are eligible for this promotion.
– Each tandem skydive customer will receive 2 Ski Dubai Snow Plus tickets at Skydive Dubai’s Palm dropzone. The tickets must be collected from the cashier desk after they complete their tandem skydive.
– This offer is valid on tandem bookings made for the Palm dropzone during Ramadan 2019, only.
– If Skydive Dubai cancels operations due to bad weather, the customer is eligible for the promotion on the rescheduled date. However, this new date must be during Ramadan.
– If the customer needs to reschedule to a date after Ramadan, or request for a refund/cancellation they are not eligible for this promotion.
– This promotion cannot be combined with other Skydive Dubai or Ski Dubai promotions or discount coupons.
– The Ski Dubai Snow Plus tickets are valid until June 6, 2019.
– Ski Dubai Snow Plus tickets cannot be sold, redeemed for cash or any merchandise at Skydive Dubai or Ski Dubai.
– Ski Dubai and Skydive Dubai Terms &Conditions apply.


Skydive Dubai联手Ski Dubai推出斋月促销活动,让两个最受欢迎的迪拜娱乐项目带给您一个畅快的夏天。
2019年斋月期间,凡是预定棕榈岛串联跳伞的客人均可免费获赠两张Ski Dubai Snow Plus门票,每张门票价值325迪拉姆。预定日期需介于2019年5月6日至6月5日期间。

Snow Plus门票让您畅享迪拜室内滑雪场的无限乐趣,Ski Dubai 位于迪拜Mall of the Emirates.

Snow Plus 门票包含的项目如下:
• Bobsled
• Tubing Run
• Giant Ball
• Snow Bumper
• Mountain Thriller
• 登山索道
• 手套和寄存柜
• 四选一:Snow Penguins, OR Snow Bullet, OR Discovery Lesson, 或 Slope Session(仅限有滑雪经验的客人)

斋月期间Ski Dubai将提供免费电子版照片,您可另外选择一张打印版照片(除企鹅互动电子版和打印版) 或者您可选择在North 28 餐厅的开斋餐。


• 本促销仅适用于棕榈岛串联跳伞客人。
• 预定串联跳伞的客人需符合串联跳伞要求。
• 两张Snow Plus门票价值共为650迪拉姆(每张价值325迪拉姆)。
• 仅限于2019年5月6日0点至2019年6月4日23点59分之间预定斋月期间跳伞的客人。
• Snow Plus门票将需跳伞后返回前台领取。
• 促销仅限于2019年斋月期间跳伞的客人。
• 如需在跳伞前取消或退款,或更改至斋月以外日期,则无法享受促销活动。
• 如因天气原因取消当日跳伞活动,若改期至斋月内其他日期,仍可享受促销活动。
• 此促销不可与其他优惠叠加使用。
• Snow Plus门票有效期至2019年6月6日。
• Snow Plus门票不可出售,兑现,或兑换其他商品。
• Ski Dubai条款和条件适用。

    About Skydive Dubai

Since starting in 2010, Skydive Dubai has developed two of the world’s most sought-after skydiving locations. The Palm DZ, its premium location, is situated on Al Seyahi Street in Dubai Marina. The Desert Campus DZ is located just outside Dubai, on the Dubai-Al Ain road (E66).

Both dropzones operate to the highest safety standards under the regulations of the Emirates Aerosports Federation (EAF).

Skydive Dubai is known for its extraordinary and innovative pursuit of excellence in aerial sports with multiple Guinness world-records to boot. Its roster of instructors is made up of some of 26 nationalities and some of the most experienced skydivers in the business.

A one-stop thrilling destination for skydivers, skydiving enthusiasts and curious passersby, Skydive Dubai offers experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

    Skydive Dubai’s Guinness World Records

– Skydive Dubai and Balloon Adventures UAE broke two official Guinness World Records in 2013 with most people to parachute jump from a balloon (40 skydivers) and simultaneously releasing the most skydivers at one time (25 skydivers). Watch now at

– Skydive Dubai sponsored Soul Flyers World Champions Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen break a new Guinness World Record in 2014 by for the highest base jump from above the pinnacle of the World’s Tallest Building. Watch now at

– Skydive Dubai athlete Ernesto Gainza, with landing the world’s smallest parachute, a JVX 35 sq. foot canopy entered Skydive Dubai into Guinness World Records in 2014. Watch now at

– Skydive Dubai set a Guinness World Records for the largest flag flown while skydiving (parachute jump) in 2018. The flag size was 4,885.65 sqm.

    Official Skydive Dubai Social Media

– Facebook:
– Desert Campus DZ on Facebook:
– Instagram:
– Twitter:
– YouTube channel:
– LinkedIn channel:
– Weibo:
– Dianping:

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关于迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai

迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai是一个充满挑战和创新的极限运动娱乐项目,迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai拥有两个世界上最美的跳伞基地。

Skydive Dubai曾长年被多家国际知名媒体列为最顶尖的跳伞品牌,包括纽约时报,康得纳斯特旅行者杂志,每日邮报,CNN等。这里还有培训初学者单人跳伞的FJC课程,世界级活动/VIP套餐/特技表演以及各种独一无二的动人体验。每个人在迪拜高空跳伞都能找到合适的项目。


– 2015年Skydive Dubai荣获穆罕穆德·本·拉希德颁布的创新运动奖最佳国家运动奖项 – 猫途鹰2015-2017卓越认证


–迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai和阿联酋热气球探险一起创造了打破两项吉尼斯世界纪录的荣誉。在2013年40名跳伞者同时从一个热气球中跳伞,打破了25人同时跳伞的历史纪录。在Youtube观看视频:

–迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai 赞助Soul Flyers 世界冠军Vince Reffet和Fred Fugen于2014年获得了打破另一项吉尼斯世界纪录的荣誉——从世界最高楼顶部定点跳伞。在Youtube观看视频:

–迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai运动员Ernesto Gainza,2014年使用最小的JVX 35 平方英尺降落伞成功降落,使Skydive Dubai获得打破新的吉尼斯世界纪录的荣誉。在Youtube观看视频:

–迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai于2018年创造了携带最大旗帜跳伞的吉尼斯世界纪录的荣誉。

迪拜高空跳伞Skydive Dubai官方社交媒体账号

– 脸书主页: – 沙漠基地脸书主页:

– Instagram: – 推特: – YouTube频道: – 领英: – Snapchat: (skydivedubai) – 新浪微博: – 大众点评:


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The first thing you need to do is take our Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF). Afterwards you work towards you’re A (25 jumps), B (100 jumps), C (200 jumps) and D (500 jumps) license by fulfilling the requirements for each.