This Year’s DWF

2015 Dubai Winter Festival Boogie

This year’s Dubai Winter Festival (DWF) is going to be even more epic with it’s new format. The licensed skydiver boogie will take place this year at Skydive Dubai Desert Campus from

December 27 – Jan 2.

The upcoming DWF 2015 has a new format. World class organizers in formation skydiving, freefly and wingsuit plus end of the day videos, daily raffles, a film festival, New Year’s Eve and closing parties with jump tickets just AED 90! And all at our amazing Desert Campus drop zone.

New for 2015 we have added an integrated five-day Advanced Freefly Skills Camp with dedicated load organizers. Also, for the first five days of the boogie (Dec 27th-31st) we are limiting the number of slots to avoid long waiting times between jumps. You must pre-register online to take part.

The weekend (Jan 1st-2nd) will be open to all with no limit on numbers. Registering online is recommended, but you can also register on the day. For those who live outside the UAE, the weekend is on Friday and Saturday. To take part in the DWF boogie all you need is a USPA A license or equivalent.

DWF Load Organizers

  • MKTM
  • Skynamic
  • Brad Meritt (Azure)
  • Ivan Semenyaka
  • Jim Harris
  • Naomi Kotzee
  • Pablo Hernandez
  • Pablo Rua
  • Kevin McErney
  • Mishka Lucaci
  • Anas Bekali
  • Sergiu Eses
  • Craig Girard
  • Eliana Rodriguez
  • Elena Christova (Asaar)
  • Angelique Sherman (Asaar)
  • Laszlo Csizmadia
  • Jane Oakley
  • Liz Peace
  • Kristen Johnson
  • Ioana Dumitriu
  • Regan Tetlow
  • Julian Boulle
  • Micah Couch
  • Darren Burke

Optional Advanced Freefly Skills Camp

The Advanced Freefly Skills Camp is an exclusive event open to experienced flyers of a high skill level. It will run within the boogie for the first five days. The focus of the camp is to build on existing skills in smaller dedicated groups with the aim of joining them as the week progresses. Jumps will be a mix of dynamic, sequential and angle flying.

Registration for the Advanced Freefly Skill Camp includes seven days boogie registration so you can keep jumping after the camp has finished!

Dates: December 27 – 31. Cost: AED 3000 (payable on arrival and includes 30 jump tickets) Camp consists of:
  • 30 organized jumps.
  • Dedicated LO for the day.
  • In depth briefs and de-briefs with video.
  • Prerequisites: to take part you must SAFELY AND CONSISTENTLY be able to:
    • Angles: Fly your slot in any angle both belly and back.
    • Head Down: Approach, fly a slot and take a grip in a formation.
    • Break-off with a 180 turn.
    • Head Up: Approach and fly a slot in a formation.

Closures during DWF

  • No student jumping during the boogie.
  • Hop’n’pops will not be possible during the boogie.

Daily Video’s