About Skydive Dubai Desert Campus


What skills do I need in order to join the DWF boogie?

The boogie is open to all skills level with the minimum requirement of a USPA “A” license or it’s equivalent

From what altitude will I jump?

We jump from 12,500 feet

From what planes will I jump?

Twin Otters. It has a capacity of 20 skydivers. It takes 15 minutes to reach 12,500 ft.

How do I join a group?

Make sure you arrive early morning. Manifest opens at 7:30am. Upon arrival find the organizer for your skill level and give her/him your jump ticket.

Can I join the Advanced Freefly Skills Camp?

Yes, if you fulfill the prerequisites and pre-register for the camp. There is a maximum of 30 slots. To take part you must SAFELY AND CONSISTENTLY be able to:
• Angles: Fly your slot in any angle both belly and back.
• Head Down: Approach, fly a slot and take a grip in a formation. Break-off with a 180 turn.
• Head Up: Approach and fly a slot in a formation.

Are the boogie jump tickets refundable in case of bad weather?


Can I enter the film festival?

The film festival is open to everyone, non-skydivers included. You just need to edit a video and submit a video from this year’s Dubai Winter Festival.

How much are jump tickets? ?


Drop Zone Briefing

For a smooth registration process, kindly bring the following with you to the drop zone:

  • Valid photo id
  • Valid skydiving license that is not electronic
  • Reserve data card must be on file prior to manifesting.

Additional Tips For A Great Experience

Please arrive as a current skydiver. If you require a re-currency jump during the event you may have to wait.

  • A license … 2 months
  • B license … 3 months
  • C and D license … 6 months

Please ensure your personal equipment is in airworthy condition.
AAD’s are mandatory (Argus is not permitted).

Jumps will be from our fleet of twin otters at an altitude of 12,500ft.

For The Desert Campus is located just before exit 47 to Margham on the E66; which is also called locally the Dubai – Al Ain Rd. The drop zone is located approx. 35 minutes from DXB Airport and 40 minutes from the DWC Airport. Taxis are available from the airport and can bring you to the drop zone.
Our facilities include two air-conditioned buildings with large cushioned packing areas. While beautiful desert dunes surround the drop zone, our landing area is covered with grass.

Our facilities also include:

  • Gear rental
  • Wingsuit rental
  • Rigging loft
  • Packers
  • Merchandise store
  • Cafeteria (only local currency accepted)

The Desert Campus is part of a fun filled complex that includes Inflight Dubai and Skyhub Dubai. Check out their Facebook pages to discover all they offer.

Inflight Dubai: http://www.facebook.com/inflightdubai/
Skyhub Dubai: https://www.facebook.com/skyhubdubai/