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Holiday Opening Hours at Skydive Dubai Dropzones

The holidays are coming, and if you’re lucky, they may have already arrived!

Both dropzones will be open for much of the holiday season so you can celebrate and leap into the New Year, but we’ll be treating ourselves to a few well-deserved days off of our own too!

We also have plenty going on to keep you entertained this festive season, from Dubai Winter Festival to glider and balloon flights and skydives.

Make your holidays memorable at Skydive Dubai!

Holiday Opening Hours and Dropzone Closures

The Desert Campus will be open it’s normal hours on December 24th, but the Palm location will close early at 3pm.

Both locations will be closed on Sunday, December 25.

The Desert Campus will reopen from December 26 as Dubai Winter Festival; the boogie of the winter season gets underway! Manifest opens at 7.30am.

The Palm will also re-open its doors on December 26 for some merry freefall! Manifest will begin checking-in pre-booked customers from 10am.

Regular dropzone hours will then continue until December 31, when the Palm dropzone will close early again at 4pm.

The Desert Campus will still be open for skydiving on Sunday, January 1, but after the New Year festivities, manifest will open a little later, at 10am.

The Palm will be closed on Sunday January 1, and will return to normal operations from January 2.

Also on January 2, the Desert Campus will close as usual on Monday, giving everyone a much-needed break after Winter Festival. However, the GliderFX team will still be available for all your adrenaline needs!

The Desert Campus will return to normal operations again on January 3.

Regular operation hours:
Desert Campus: Tuesday – Sunday 7:30am to 4pm; weather permitting. Closed Monday.

The Palm dropzone: Monday – Saturday 10am to 6pm; weather permitting. Closed Sunday.

Dubai Winter Festival

The much anticipated skydiving festival is just a week away!

Tandem skydives and the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) school will run as usual throughout the boogie.

The Winter Festival is also a great place to take friends and family over the holidays. Chill-out on the terrace, join in the activities, take a balloon ride or an acrobatic glider flight, and of course watch plenty of skydivers descending from the skies! See a different side of Dubai, and visit the Desert Campus this holiday season!

Skyhub Gyrocopter Flights

Take a scenic trip and see Dubai like never before.

Gyrocopter flights are available at the Palm dropzone during regular operational hours. Fly above it all over the Burj Al Arab and the Palm, or take a trip up the coast with Skyhub!

Head over to Skyhub’s Facebook page and send a message to make a booking.

Hot-Air Balloon Flights & Skydives

Both skydivers and non-skydivers can take a sunrise balloon flight over the desert dunes this holiday season.

Licenced skydivers can of course experience a unique type of exit, but the skydiving family extends far beyond skydivers themselves.

Friends, family, neighbours, and better-halves are welcome to enjoy a balloon flight with ballooning breakfast, or ascend with the skydiver in your life and watch them exit the basket!

For more information on balloon flights, balloon skydives, requirements and to make a booking, click over to our Hot-Air Balloon Update for all the details.

Aerobatic Glider Flights & Glider Skydives

Less than 200 people in the world have made a skydiving exit from an aerobatic glider, will you be one of them?

Glider jumps for licenced skydivers are available all throughout the festive season from December 27  to January 5, and can even be enjoyed when the Desert Campus dropzone is closed on Jan 2! Celebrate your holiday by freefalling upwards!

Even if you’re not a skydiver (yet), you can still go for an adrenaline-filled aerobatic flight and experience a roller coaster like no other, this one doesn’t even have a track!

Discounts are available for those who book in advance.

For all the details, requirements, and booking information, see our GliderFX Update.

Let the festivities begin with adrenaline!

At A Glance:
December 24: Palm dropzone closes early at 4pm
December 25: Desert Campus and Palm dropzones closed for the day
December 26: Both locations open
December 31: Palm dropzone closes early at 4pm
January 1: Desert Campus manifest opens at 10am. Palm dropzone closed for the day.
January 2: Desert Campus closed. Palm dropzone manifest opens at 10am.

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    Dubai Tour is a professional cycling race will take place from February 6 – 10 with all five (5) stages starting from the Palm DZ location.

    The 2018 edition is the fifth and is now ready to be even more spectacular and full of champions.

    The best teams and the best riders will offer the World an amazing competition and a magnificent showcase of Dubai.

    Visit to stay tuned for more information as it becomes available about how this event will affect operations at the Palm DZ during this event.

    The power and passion of cycling will be on show with free entry.

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    Dubai Tour is organized by Dubai Sports Council in partnership with RCS Sport and Events JLT.


The first thing you need to do is take our Accelerated Free Fall Course (AFF). Afterwards you work towards you’re A (25 jumps), B (100 jumps), C (200 jumps) and D (500 jumps) license by fulfilling the requirements for each.